Current Masking Guidelines

Masks optional


As of January 27, Washtenaw County is in the CDC LOW Community Level. This means that masks are optional in our building.We continue to encourage mask use as one of the easiest ways to mitigate risk as well as a way of sharing the burden of risk with those who are most vulnerable. Even though the risk level is lower again, we anticipate that many in our church will continue to mask indoors (as a high risk/vulnerable individual, Pastor Stacey certainly will).

If you have COVID symptoms: we encourage you to get tested before coming to church or before going unmasked to any public indoor gathering.
If you test positive for COVID: please do not come to church; make sure to isolate for five days (or longer, depending on symptoms) per CDC guidance.
If you have been exposed to COVID within the last 10 days: please mask for any indoor gathering, including church.
The new coronavirus boosters are available: we encourage every eligible person to get one (the Pfizer booster is available for everyone ages 12 and up; the Moderna booster is available for everyone ages 18 and up).