What We Believe

Radical love. Absolute acceptance.
Transformational Power.

At First Baptist Church, we believe the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the key to finding peace and justice for a hurting world and personal meaning as a member of humanity. As a community of people who feel called to celebrate and bear witness to love, we dedicate ourselves to demonstrating that same compassion, acceptance, and transformative action.

We are an American Baptist Church in Ann Arbor that provides a welcoming, inspiring place for seekers, believers, doers, and dreamers of all ages who want to think higher, feel deeper, and live fully during a time of changing social, political, and cultural tides.

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Jesus is Lord

At First Baptist, our only profession of faith is, “Jesus is Lord.” We don’t expect everyone to take the same path to that profession, nor do we expect everyone to walk the same path once they’ve made that profession. We are all seekers here, committed to a lifelong exploration of Christian faith and its meaning in our lives.

Your Place in Our Community

We are an inclusive and diverse community of faith, open and welcoming to all. We work to create a space where questions are encouraged as a path to discovery; doubts are accepted as a part of faith; and contrasting viewpoints are expected as integral to authentic community. We seek to honor, respect, accept, and learn from each other and from all.

Cooperating with God and Each Other

Following the command of Jesus, we seek to live neighborly lives as individuals and as a community: we value relationship, mutual encouragement, and concern for each other. We seek to communicate the good news of God’s love to others, to serve the poor and the stranger, and to be instruments of justice, reconciliation, and peace.

First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor
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A Historic American Baptist congregation

We are affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA, and are a partner organization of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America.

Together, we share a deep commitment to our individual freedom to read and interpret Scripture, make faith decisions for ourselves, and to have access to God without need for an intermediary. Our local congregation exercises those freedoms to shape its own life without interference. We believe in full religious liberty for all and in the separation of church and state.