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Through worship and learning, seekers of all ages and
walks of life find common ground and meaning here.

Our Sunday experiences provide a welcoming place to celebrate with uplifting music, to be engaged by relevant teaching, and to experience the presence of God.

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No matter how you come,
you’re welcome here.

Whether you’re seeking a place to share holiday celebrations, receive support and care when dealing with life’s challenges, or simply more information about how our church offers community to people from all walks or life– there is a place for you here.

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Your story. Our story. God’s story.

Get to know the history of our church and be a part of the vision moving forward. Our staff would love to lead you through an understanding of the process of becoming a member of our church.

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We are an American Baptist Church in Ann Arbor that provides a welcoming, inspiring place for seekers, believers, doers, and dreamers of all ages who want to think higher, feel deeper, and live fully during a time of changing social, political, and cultural tides.

Read stories about how our church is making an impact locally and globally.

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