Adult Ministry

Neighbors learn and worship
alongside one another.

Spiritual formation is a lifelong process of learning and growing in relationship to God; it has the potential to transform our relationships with others, with ourselves, and with all creation. While the process of spiritual formation and Christian discipleship may begin in childhood or adolescence, it does not end when we become adults. At First Baptist Church, we give special attention to supporting faith and learning during the many demanding phases of adulthood. We strive to take a “whole person” approach to lifelong learning, seeking to connect the head, heart, and hands of all adults to the ongoing work of faith, while at the same time fostering friendships within our church community.

Our educational offerings include:

  • Adult Church School classes on Sunday mornings after worship, on a range of biblical, theological, spiritual, and practical topics
  • Weekly Bible study on Wednesday afternoons
  • Small groups of various kinds
  • Intergenerational learning events in which all ages explore Scripture and faith together
  • Lectures by renowned scholars on topics of broad appeal
  • Occasional online study groups via social media

Our educational programs are designed to allow short-term options as well as long-term participation. Our Sunday morning offerings occur concurrently with our children’s and youth ministry programming, making it easy for adults with young children and teens to participate. Drop in on any Sunday class, or contact one of our staff for information about our seasonal, small group, and weekday opportunities.

Women in Adult Ministry

In addition to these educational opportunities, our American Baptist Women’s Ministries is a fellowship of women committed to missionary outreach at the local, state, national, and global levels. These women work hard all year to raise funds for a range of important causes, including literacy, feeding ministries, after-school programming for at-risk children, educational scholarships for college women, and many more. In addition to these important efforts, women attend special educational events, social gatherings, and participate in small group programs throughout the year. Each September, the women in this fellowship take special leadership roles in Sunday morning worship. American Baptist Women’s Ministries is affiliated with the national group of the same name, and is committed to encouraging and empowering women and girls to serve God.