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Adult Christian Education

Classes will resume in August.


Our Waterman Lecture this year will be on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016, with Dr. Walter Brueggemann, one of the most highly regarded biblical scholar today.

Dr. Brueggemann will preach the sermon during worship that morning on Thinking Again (Ps 146, Luke 16:19-31). He will give a public lecture free of charge at 3:00 P.M. that afternoon in our sanctuary on Reading the Bible Toward Money.

Dr. Brueggemann is an outstanding Old Testament scholar, but he brings his knowledge to bear on our modern times. We are encouraging our members to read some of his works before he comes:

• REALITY, GRIEF, HOPE, in which he argues that the destruction of Jerusalem in 597 B.C.E. and the sense of loss and despair then has a similar effect to the attack on America on 9/11, but hope is grounded in the everyday work of the church
• CHOSEN, in which he debates the Israel/Palestinian homeland dilemma.

All three are short books, highly readable and approachable. They are under $ 15 each, and available at Literati Bookstore.

Paul Duke will a discussion on REALITY, GRIEF, HOPE on Sept. 11th and Clay Scott will lead discussion on SABBATH AS RESISTANCE on Sept. 18th.