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¡Bienvenidos a Nandasmo!

First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor has had a Sister Relationship with La Primera Iglesia Bautista in Nandasmo, Nicaragua since 1987.  The Baptist Convention in Nicaragua sent out a call to establish sister relationships to help people in both countries learn more about each other.  It was during the time of the Contra War.  We responded.

There have been over a dozen delegations to Nicaragua, the first in 1987. On these visits, we have done work projects, such as painting walls and buildings, helping to install lighting, picking coffee, and helping to construct the parsonage. We take material aid, such as school supplies, medications, and hygiene supplies.  Toni Stearns, an FBC member, has visited Nandasmo to provide instruction to the school teachers on how to be more effective in their teaching.  These visits build relationships, by visiting with many families of the church and attending services.  While there, we live with and eat with church families.  Conditions there are very different than we are used to. Members of the Nandasmo church have also visited here, staying with FBC families.

Each year, there the church budgets funds to help provide for basic, unmet needs of the people of our sister church.  The congregation even funded the purchase of land and the start up costs for a farm which is now owned and run communally by the church.  FBC provides ongoing assistance in administration and other business expertise.