Updated Guidelines: Our Pathway through the Pandemic

Posted on June 10, 2021
by Stacey Simpson Duke

Our FBCA2 Safe Path Task Force has worked to chart a safe, faithful path forward for our congregation during the ongoing and ever-changing global public health crisis. We are taking a cautious, intentional approach to reopening our facilities and returning to in-person gathering, with an eye towards protecting the health of our congregation and our wider community. On May 31, 2020, we presented our congregation’s pandemic plan. On May 23, 2021, we presented our updated plan, based on how vaccination rates and new public health information has changed the nature of the pandemic. Below, you will find a slide presentation of our updates, with a focus on our plan’s Stage 2, which is now broken down into four steps. Our phasing plan is based on two simple metrics – vaccination rates and per capita positive case numbers for our county.

On Thursday, June 10, we entered Stage 2, Step 1 of our plan.

On Thursday, July 8 we entered Stage 2, Step 2 of our plan.

On Thursday, August 5, we determined to stay at Stage 2, Step 2 of our plan until county metrics meet the threshold for moving into Stage 2, Step 3.

FBCA2 Safe Path – our updated pathway