Brave Space

Posted on May 22, 2022
by Stacey Simpson Duke
The space of

Brave SpaceFor many people, this second year of the pandemic has been even more challenging than the first; the same is true for our church. Rather than being either fully remote or fully in-person, we’ve been living life together as a congregation in that improvisational space of and: both remote and in person; both grieving and celebrating; both tired and renewed.

The space of and is a brave space.

Our congregation has responded to the ministry needs of this challenging new era by investing in three bold initiatives: Welcoming Church, Hybrid Worship, and the Director of Community Life position. Look through our 2022 Annual Report slideshow to learn more about how we are trying to be brave, say yes, and live into and.

2022 FBCA2 Annual Program Report

After worship on Sunday, May 22, 2022, we gathered in the sanctuary for our first in-person Annual Program Meeting since April 2019 (this time offered in hybrid format). The slideshow above is a visually-based report on the program year behind us, and a consideration of how we can continue to live into a hopeful future together, even during this uncertain time.