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Christ Care Small Groups

ChristCare small groups invite participants to share in Bible study, fellowship, worship, and mission.  Based on a mutual understanding of confidentiality within the group, members share their joys and concerns, learn from one another, and work together in service.  Groups usually meet once or twice a month, often at a member’s home.  A meeting might begin with a time of fellowship and worship such as reading from the Psalms, singing, or listening to music and prayer. It would include Bible study which both examines the meaning of the text itself and life application for today.

ChristCare groups have done mission projects such as assisting with the church’s Vespers ministry by preparing the meal and leading worship, writing cards to and visiting shut-ins, and assisting a student with educational costs for a program in Bible translation. Visitors are welcome. Becoming part of a ChristCare group is a great way to get to know people and find a community within a community, especially for those of us who are a bit shy.  For more information contact the pastors, who can direct you to a particular group.