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Café Xically

Coffee Sales

coffee in handsCafe Xically is naturally shade grown coffee from our sister community’s farm in Nandasmo, Nicaragua. Shade grown coffee has benefits for all – the ecological balance is preserved, farmers are not exposed to dangerous chemicals and coffee drinkers have a pesticide-free beverage. We at First Baptist Church are delighted to offer this coffee to the Ann Arbor community and beyond.

The coffee is fresh roasted by Coffee Express Company in Plymouth and is available in three roasts: Medium, Dark and our new House Blend. The House Blend is a mix of Medium and Dark roasted beans and offers a delightful, full-bodied brew! The coffees are packaged in attractive 1/2 lb and 1 pound bags.

We offer excellent coffee at great value; email us for current prices.

If you are interested in purchasing coffee, please contact Kat at

Proceeds from sales of Cafe Xically benefit our sister community in Nandasmo, and provide funding for the ongoing farm projects which strive to meet the hunger, employment and other basic needs of the community.

Crops are harvested on the following cycle:

January: tangerines and oranges
February: tangerines, oranges, and grapefruit
March: grapefruit
May: avocadoes, cacao (chocolate), and nisperos
June: avocadoes, cacao, lemons, mangoes, guavas
July: lemons, cacao, mangoes
August: zapotes
November–December: coffee