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About Us

Stained GlassFirst Baptist Church is a diverse and open community of Christians who strive to mature in discipleship and deepen our individual devotion to God. We value the freedom of the individual in all matters of faith and practice of religion. Ours is a distinctly “non-creedal” community which encourages and respects the individual’s search for truth.

In fellowship we become ever more mindful of the transformative power of witness. We celebrate the special gifts of all believers, testifying that God can use each of us in ministry. We challenge ourselves and each other to submit our lives more fully to God. Thus we hope to pursue a genuinely Christian ethic of love– not bitterly restricted to a closed circle of the devout, but graciously extended as we welcome and serve families and individuals, friends and strangers, the confident and the confused. To help others firmly grasp the blessings of love, we support mission and social action endeavors ranging from local programs for the homeless and hungry to foreign mission efforts. We have a particularly vital relationship with a small “sister” church in Nandasmo, Nicaragua .

Jesus calls us to give life to our convictions. We believe that such a living faith “must experience a growing understanding of truth and must be continually interpreted and related to the needs of each new generation.” Incisive and challenging preaching and teaching fosters our members’ heartfelt Biblical faith without sacrificing intellectual integrity. Christian education is important to church members who support an active Christian education program for all ages. For over 100 years we have also maintained a campus ministry for university students. Our worship is enriched by an excellent music program, including adult and children’s choirs and bell choirs.

At First Baptist Church, our lives are touched by God’s grace and we are challenged to put our faith to work. Please join us in joyful worship on Sunday mornings, but join us also every day in following God’s greatest command: to love, for in this we become Christ’s fellow workers.

from the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message preamble

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