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Worship Service Bulletin

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Words of Witness/Sermon

6th Sunday after Pentecost

John 3:5-8

Spirit Lake Mission Team

Download the Words of Witness and Sermon (mp3)

Pastor Stacey:

So this group of 13 left Ann Arbor on June 18th in the wee, wee hours of the morning and flew west to North Dakota, where we went to the Spirit Lake Reservation, which is part of the Sioux Nation, both Dakota and Lakota live on the reservation. We went to work with United Methodist missionaries who have a Ministry Center there on the reservation.

Many of us in our congregation have been trying over the last little while to study and learn about issues of race in our country and very connected to issues of race are issues of colonialism and our whole history as a nation and also how religion plays into all of that. And we’ve been trying to come to terms with what it means to have privilege, to not have privilege, and the many difficult, long-term embedded systemic issues in all of that. Read the whole story…